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A quick summary of the Laser Team Dynamics.

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Dear Dental Professional...

Did this ever happen to you?

Have you ever experienced the frustration of not being able to effectively communicate the benefits of innovative treatments like Diode and Erbium lasers and Photobiomodulation to your patients? Despite your best efforts, are you still struggling to convince your patients to embrace these cutting-edge treatments that could dramatically improve their dental health?

We understand the challenge. We have been there. All 3 of us. The industry is rapidly advancing, with more and more high-tech tools available, yet patients often stick to conventional treatments they're familiar with. Why? Because understanding these advanced procedures is difficult, especially when explanations are rushed during short dentist visits. It leaves them skeptical and reluctant to accept these valuable treatments, and ultimately, it's your practice that suffers.

Moreover, this difficulty in communication increases your burden, keeping you stuck explaining procedures when you should be performing them. It leads to less chair time, fewer procedures, and a lower ROI. Worse, it doesn't fully utilize your dental team, the people who interact with your patients the most. A misinformed or under-equipped team can leave patients feeling uncertain and hesitant, hampering patient retention and referrals. Your team is your greatest asset, but without proper training, they might be unintentionally holding your practice back.

But what if there was a way to supercharge your dental team with the knowledge they need to understand and explain these laser procedures effectively?

To transform them from mere staff members into laser-powered sales champions? This is where GMA Laser Education’s 'Laser Team Dynamics' steps in.

Our course provides your team with the tools to transform your dental practice. It empowers them with a solid understanding of Diode and Erbium lasers and Photobiomodulation treatments. They will be able to confidently explain these treatments to your patients, ensuring a higher acceptance rate for these procedures.

This means more happy customers, empowered staff, and higher ROI for you.


Why should you invest in this course?

The benefits are immediate and transformative:

Immediate Payback & Increased ROI:

Your team members will become your practice's best ambassadors, promoting advanced treatments to your patients. It translates to more procedures, greater ROI, and an immediate financial uplift.

Improved Patient Retention:

A well-informed team leads to well-informed patients who are more likely to trust and accept recommended treatments. This enhanced patient experience guarantees repeat visits and increased referrals.

Team Empowerment:

A well-trained, confident team is the backbone of any successful practice. Equipped with knowledge and communication skills, your team's morale will skyrocket, making them proactive partners in your practice’s growth.

Universal for any dental office worldwide:

Whether your practice is in New York or New Delhi, 'Laser Team Dynamics' is for you. We're hosting it twice to cover various time zones, and the sessions will be available on-demand for those who can't join live.


In the arena of laser/Photobiomodulation (PBM) practice, your dental team holds the key to success. Your patients are more frequently interacting with your team than they do with you, making their role vital. 'Laser Team Dynamics' is a course tailored to empower your dental team with advanced communication skills, enhancing your patient's journey and elevating your standard of care.

This training provides your team with the fundamentals of Diode, Erbium lasers, and Photobiomodulation, allowing for precise and efficient patient education. This, in turn, drastically reduces your time spent explaining procedures and boosts your patients' motivation to opt for laser/PBM treatments.

'Laser Team Dynamics' breaks down the intricacies of Photobiomodulation, Diode, and Erbium laser procedures.

Each section concludes with an interactive Q&A session, providing a platform for immediate clarification and understanding. But the core strength of this course lies in its focus on the linchpin of patient acceptance - your dental team.

This training equips your team with the knowledge needed to articulate the advantages of laser and photobiomodulation procedures effectively.

Consequently, your team becomes your greatest asset, facilitating patient understanding and acceptance, and driving the success of your practice.

Who should attend? Who is this for?

This course will benefit all dental team members that interact with your patients. To get the maximum benefit from this course all team members should attend. In the chair when you are not with your patients they often ask your assistants or hygienists what they think about the treatment recommendations; the same scenario happens at the front desk. That is why we are offering this course with one flat fee for the entire dental team. 

Can anyone in any country take this?

This information provided is universal for any dental office worldwide. 

We realize that there are so many different time zones where our participants live for that reason we are making this available as an ON DEMAND Course!


Q1. How long is Q & A? Is it part of the 2-hour course time
There will be three 30-minute sessions each will be followed by a 10-minute Q&A. This totals 2 hours.

Q2. What if they have questions a few days later?
As with any of our courses, you can always email us and an email address will be provided during the session. We will answer any questions.
Also, if you attended one of our courses you get invited to join our GMA Facebook Group. This is a private group solely for people that are part of GMA.

Q3. Do I need to buy any special instruments/equipment?
No special equipment is needed, just a thirst for this knowledge.

Q4. What if myself or my staff can't attend the course on the day?
Not to worry you will get access to the recordings in the course area. Please make sure you keep your user id and password safe, This will be provided immediately after payment.